Sunday, November 22, 2009

Rakai Weekend

100_3994 This weekend we set out on one of our many adventures to the town of Rakai, Uganda which is right on the border with Tanzania.  It was a really awesome trip not because we did a lot of things, but because we didn’t do too many things.  Usually when we go on our little weekend trips we are expected to have discussions with missionaries (and other such people) for hours.  We get to hear and meet a lot of interesting people but it is very draining most of the time.  This weekend, however, we got to chillax with each other.  We stayed at the Kibaale Community Centre which is an organization that provides schooling for the community in the area.  We did get to meet the missionaries who were working there (they were all Canadian) but our time wasn’t monopolized by them.  Some of the fun things we did were just playing games like ERS (Egyptian Rat Screw) and Signs.  What was really cool was that we got to make our own breakfast and lunch (I know it doesn’t sound very cool but when you have been in Africa for 4 months eating breakfast consisting of biscuits and tea only then will then you understand how excited we were).  We cooked pancakes and french toast and eggs and all sorts of goodies hehe :)  sorry i just like food.  Anyway, I did learn something new this weekend:

On the bus ride over to Rakai I was startled to learn this strange and interesting piece of information.  Apparently when a bunch of women are around each in close quarters for a good duration of time, there emerges amongst the group a dominant female!!!!!! This dominant female strangely enough has the power by the sheer will of her own body (hormones) to force the other girls into submission thus making them all conform to her monthly…well you know conform to her (.)  Anyway, this just proves once again that males know as much about women as they do about about the inner workings of a T-Rex…actually we probably know more about the T-Rex.  Not only is the female anatomy as complicated as a car engine (you pretty much need a schematic to understand it) but their hormonal qualities are reminiscent of blue-tooth technology!  Strange.  This excerpt is for all my male readers who wonder why girls always know within the hour who has broken up with who and things of that nature…they just all communicate via their hormonal hotline.




Awesome plants.



  1. Okay since you have a "red dirt rule" I'll just say that females are amazing and it's true...we have a wierd intuition that is a scientific mystery...
    Oh, I love the pic of you and Holly with the reindeer or is it a moose?
    Hope you have a thankful and giving holiday!
    Holly's Mom

  2. 1 more post. 1 more post. 1 more post. 1 more post. this is me chanting because I want another post right now. i've thought about actually re-reading one right now. shoot man. you gotta get a new one up there! :)

  3. dean. i am the dominant female. lol love you.